Cécile Jullien

The creative spirit of Fil@home: Cécile

As the daughter of a soldier in the French National Navy, she moved many times with her family during her childhood : Brest, Fort-de-France, Toulon. And having grown up with his many fabulous traveller’s tales, she soon developed a desire of her own to travel the world. Deciding to study languages, her studies took her to Nice, Kassel, Paris and Münster, Germany. Germany, too distant and different, never felt like home and soon the South called her back to the Cote d’Azur…

Not even imagining what destiny had in store for her, Cecile then met her future Italian husband and, deciding to settle in Turin, she was finally able to give her suitcase a rest. She started a career in translation and interpreting and Italy became her second home.

The turning point

After her three children were born, she decided to quit her 15 year career in translating to give free play to her creativity and open her workshop and sell her soulmade crafts. The children had released a new spirit which didn’t want to know about words and translations but infinitely preferred playing with colours and textures.