The workshop

This is the place where ideas take form and where all my creations are born.

Fil@home is a play on words based on the English expression “feel at home”. It recalls through the creative process the concept of fil rouge; the Arianna’s thread we need to follow in order to find our way back home and feel at home there. Once there we can express what is inside us and again connect with ourselves.

I am inspired by the ancient pastimes of a long distant past, when I stood at my great-grandmother’s skirts and watched her absorbed in her handiwork; cutting out fabric, positioning the pins, sewing and engaged in knitting and crochet.

"Fil@home is an exploration of those ancient gestures belonging to a distant past, when from behind her skirts I’d watch my great-grandmother’s hands, busy with her sewing, knitting or crocheting…"

These are notions of a lost time where energy and mind were focused on one aim: to create and transmit that knowledge. It seems I can still hear her voice : “making and unraveling, stopping and starting again is all part of the job” she never tired of repeating, unable to tolerate the slightest error.

From Inspiration to the Creative Project

Fil@home is the space where that little girl, now grown, can re-appropriate those ancient pastimes and make them her own. Each time the same magic works. The project grows from an intuition, a detail which when cultivated gives birth to an idea.